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Train with us to begin or advance your permanent makeup career through our Permanent Makeup Primary Training, Advanced Medical Art Classes learning Ultra Realistic 2D and 3D Areola Tattoo, and build a solid business plane through our affordable online courses.  Schedule a strategy call with us to make sure our Permanent Makeup Training Program is the right fit for you. 


Permanent Makeup Primary Training

How to become a permanent makeup artist? Learn the fundamentals of permanent makeup or advanced your skills through our 3 week permanent makeup training solid foundation in your education. For beginner or advanced artists!  

Become a Medical Artist through 2D and 3D Areola Tattoo

Learn how to become a Medical Artist through our Ultra Realistic Areola Tattoo Class. Help others through this restorative service and add more skills to your services.

Learn the Art of Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo 

Add the sought after #outlinerstudioeyeliner services to your menu to provide your clients with a smear free service.  Learn Lash Enhancement, Soft Top Eyeliner, and Shadow Liner.


We seek students who are serious about starting their career in permanent makeup... We do not believe in a get-rich-quick scheme.  We are here for the long term for our student sand clients which means quality is EVERYTHING.

Permanent Makeup is a lucrative career where you can easily make multiple six figures, but we want students who are ready to invest their time and effort into their education to bring the best skills possible to their clients.  

This takes time and effort in your training and our students must put in the work.  We want students who are ready to build a career to help others through the art of permanent makeup. Ready to build your career with confidence in us?


".... I've really loved it (the program)! It is formatted in a way that speaks to any type of learning type that you have...there's videos if you are an auditory learner and you get hands on exercises and experience as well as handouts and sheets to read to it caters to every type of person..."


"....It was an exceptional education. I think Mary Emily did a great job teaching us color theory and mechanics and techniques both in person and online...."